Satish Babu weds Anita Ramya @ Bangalore

Satish contacted NDS24x7 for his wedding at Anjaneya Reddy Kalyana Mantapa, Double Road, Bangalore, Karnataka.  Wedding was in Hindu Style with a modern touch. As a Candid Wedding photographers in Bangalore we have obtained a proven track record in Bangalore as well.  This is a most beautiful Telugu and Kannada wedding (took place in Bangalore in a modern trend without compromising or deviating from the tradition.

There has been no doubt about Bangalore being a cosmopolitan city and there are many efficient photographers however NDS24x7 has pitched in at Karnataka and obtaining records in Bangalore.  Consistency is the key we believe in!!!!

Words from Anita

He is a sensible, sweet, transparent, loving, patient, charming, humorous, smart, enthusiastic, interesting, understanding and the best man I ever know!                       

He swept me off my feet in the very first conversation we had!

I was very much impressed for his clear thought process, approach, behavior and everything of what he is!                                                                                      

That is how I chose him as my soul mate.. J and here I end up looking forward to begin a new life with him!   

Words From Sathish :

She is cute, pretty, beautiful, smart intelligent talkative girl. The moment I saw her I felt “relieved” and “still”; because I realized I met my soulmate finally!

She complements me and completes me.

She is very lively girl, creative in heart, passionate about art, music, dance and decorations etc.. ;-)

We were introduced to each other in a traditional way through our parents.

As the days rolled on, we fell in love so deeply.

We complement each other.

We feel blessed and lucky for having each other.

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