We covered Praveen Kumar Pandurangan Weds Shilpa Jayaram at Dharmapuri

A classic wedding took place at DNC Vijay Mahal, Weavers Colony, Dharmapuri.  A pleasant couple at Dharmapuri ; NDS24x7 was contacted for their Reception, Wedding and Outdoor photo and video session.   We were made proud enough by the couple who hired us for the photography and videography session all the way from Dharmapuri which is a head quarters itself however, NDS24x7 is taking the technology, experience and quality of Cosmopolitan city to all over Tamil Nadu for better competitive rate. As a candid wedding photographers in Dhramapuri we were very happy to shoot this lovely couple.

Shilpa Commented  on Praveen : A best friend for life, I never knew someone who is kind, patient, responsible, unconditional and generous as he is and a little goofy, fun & playful who can always make me smile.... He just happens to be the cutest thing ever :) "He is my Superman" and i adore him today,tomorrow & forever

Praveen Commented Shilpa is an incredibly brilliant girl who inspired me in a lot of ways. I cannot express how lucky I am to finding her in my life and this will be the best find of my life time. She wears multiple hats at times such as caring, responsible, charming, assertive and even conditional at times. I am so happy that she will be my other half for the rest of the life time. 

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