Aniket hired NDS24x7 The Wedding Specialist after going through our website and facebook .  Would you believe Aniket travelled all way from Pune to Pondicherry to surprise his better half with best photography therefore  he did a research about photographers in Tamil Nadu  as to find the best wedding photographer and best candid photographer which made him find NDS24x7 The Wedding Specialist with all the best qualities and popped a query to NDS luckily both NDS and the client found a suitable date for the photo shoot and now the photographs are being shared after the shoot and post processing.   There are many locations we have for couples who are passionate towards photography and here you go ............  We take this opportunity to thank Aniket and his wife for the interest shown towards photography  and their co-operation during photography session is commendable. When the couple visited Pondicherry for the photo shoot, we have taken them to the places to visit in Pondicherry, places to visit in Cuddalore etc.. they chose to shoot in Pondicherry and here you see the output. Salt Lake Photo closer to Pondicherry, a sort of Post Wedding Shoot


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